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Jesus said 'if two of you shall agree in prayer for every and anything you desire it shall be done for them of my father in heaven' (Mathew 18:19)

God wants us to agree in prayer for your deepest needs because He loves you and wants the best for you.

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Bent bones and scar tissue

over a year ago by Carline Guerrier Pray for me
Good day, My name is Carline and I am a member of this healing school. My request is for you to pray for my joints in my toes- they are bent and refuse to straighten- I am fighting it with the Word of God and I am claiming my healing also but I want to make sure it is not a spirit of infirmity- although I believe it may be. I have and will continue to command my joints to be aligned and striaghten again because I believe this has been bought for me by Jesus. I wanted to know how so you know if the Holy Spirit is telling you it's a spirit or not? Also when I was younger I had got cut on my hands numerous times and with one of my wounds on my left finger- it wouldn't heal and so my uncle poured this white powder into my hand and then the wound closed and the scar looks like the cross of Jesus but there still is pain associated with it and my uncle does witchcraft, which I later found out. I am concerned with this and have been for a while and I want to make sure that spirit leaves me