Recieve, Retain and Release Healing

About Healing School

Tonye & Bike Oliver

Healing  School is an outreach of the Jesus Heals the Sick Ministries, it is a platform to create an atmosphere of faith and power for people to receive their much needed healing miracles from the hands of Jesus. Over the years JHTS has conducted healing schools in different places with amazing results of healing and deliverance to the glory of God

Many years ago Jesus showed me in a revelation that people needed to be taught in order for them to lay hold on the healing power of God for their own benefit. In his earthly ministry Jesus spent c time teaching and preaching the good news of the kingdom; and that would necessarily include healing.

Look at this

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people.

Mathew 4:23

Then what about this?

But so much more the more went there a fame abroad of Him: and great multitudes came together to hear and to be healed by him of their infirmities. Luke 5:15

People can experience the same power right in their homes as they feed upon God’s word and allow their faith to take hold of God’s Healing Power.

Another  reason why healing school online is established is so that God’s people can be equipped in faith with the knowledge they need to be 21st century proof producers in the name of Jesus.

We are called to walk in signs and wonders, but we need wisdom to do this, Jesus called his twelve disciples and mentored them showing them how to do his works and declaring by the Spirit that they would do greater works, the days for the greater works are on us. Amen

Tonye & Bike Oliver are the President and Vice President of Jesus Heals the Sick Ministries..

He received a commission to take the healing power of God to this generation in an out of the body experience in which Jesus appeared to Him, he describe this experience thus.

“As I slept one night on the settee in the sitting room, I suddenly felt ‘caught up’ into sky and I saw myself looking down from the sky and I said to myself “this can’t be true”, I am supposed to be sleeping, yes I know I was lying on the couch, (I could see my body on it) but in the spirit I was carried in the air at great speed, apprehension filled my heart, I couldn’t stop the movement, until after a while, I stopped outside a crusade ground, I walked in and sat down, I heard the message through, then I went behind the platform to talk to the minister. A tall figure in white (Jesus) came to me and asked me to kneel down, He then laid His hands and said “take my healing power to your generation” I felt a strong magnetic force working between my hands, then I came back into myself”.

Over the years, the core of this call has been built around the healing schools and the crusades ministry, with a powerful gift for presenting the gospel, he ministers the word of God with a strong healing anointing and a teaching ministry that is impacting lives.

He has a passion for imparting the truth and the life of the kingdom, stirring up God’s people to discover their purpose and ministries and to fulfill it.

He has served as a chapter chairman of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (Umbrella body for Pentecostal Christians in Nigeria) and is presently the State Deputy Publicity Director of the same body.

They are members of the International Fellowship of Ministries (IFM) an apostolic fellowship founded by John G. Lake and based in Seattle, Washington.

Tonye & Bike  live in Lagos Nigeria and they are blessed with children